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Revolutionize Your Investor Relations
Have your own investor portal in less than a week

Investor Sphere
All the information in a centralized hub.
Give your investors the ease of mind they deserve.

Our software offers your investors clear visibility into your operations and performance. This fosters trust and strengthens your relationship.

Centralized & Organized

Offer your investors with a centralized hub where they find all the information they need. Lowering the administrative burden of your IR-team.

Investor Experience

We offer a user-friendly interface and self-service capabilities, allowing investors to acces important information, reports and documents at their convenience.


Save time, reduce errors and handle investor growth with ease. Allowing your team to focus on strategic investor management.

Our software improves investor satisfaction and retention rates, leading to potential referrals and increased chances of having succes in your next funding round.

Our software often includes tools for personalized communication. These features help foster stronger relationships with investors.

Key Features
Dedicated Account Page
Portfolio page

At the heart of our investor portal, the financials page is a game-changer. It grants your investors access to financial reports of each asset, empowering them to make informed investment decisions and give them the feeling of being in a real-time connection with your company. With a single glance, your investors gain a deep understanding of your performance, stability, and growth trajectory. This eliminates a lot of unnecessary back and forth between your team and your investors. But it doesn't stop at mere numbers. Experience the power of visualization as interactive charts paint a vivid picture of your financial landscape. Your investors will have access to real-time updates. Our portal ensures they are always in sync with the latest developments.

Dedicated account page

Our dedicated account page empowers you with personalized control and easy access to vital information. With our account page, conveniently view and update personal details such as contact information, investment information and pay-out preferences. Effortlessly manage documents, tracking performance of each asset, accessing historical records, and updating personal information. We can ensure you your sensitive information is secured and encrypted by industry-standard security measures. Our portal is not limited to investors. Board members, directors, etc. can also get accounts with special abilities and permissions.

Financial Hub
Financial Hub
Let investors vote anytime

Want to give your investors a voice all year round? Our portal features a voting feature where investors can vote on all kind of things, ranging from everyday things to the most important stuff concerning your company. Your team can choose per vote if they want the vote to be weighed according to amount invested or just a regular vote without weighing the votes. All votes are completely anonymous and encrypted. Every vote can be completely customised to your needs, ranging from specific possible answers to a multi-step voting form. Votes will be generated into a PDF-file which investors will sign digitally to make voting official.

Document Repository
Governance page

Every self-respecting company needs a good governance page. Our portal offers you exactly that with all of the following features: Executive Management showcase, Board of Directors Showcase, Governance Documents and Governance Principles & Guidelines. Give your shareholders a clean and easy to navigate governance page with our portal. We at Investor Sphere understand that the cornerstone between your company and its investors is trust, by being transparant you are nurturing a trusting and enduring partnership.

A company calendar

Nestled within our portal lies a calendar that updates your investors on unforgettable shareholder events. From annual meetings to virtual conferences, exclusive webinars to investor forums, our calendar ensures your investors never miss any important event. The calendar offers a comprehensive overview, ranging from corresponding zoom links to locations of events, our calendar provides all the information needed.

Proxy Voting
A place to deposit files

Research proved investors like to have everything in one place. Our portal ensures your investors will have one place to find everything. We have a dedicated deposit where you can upload everything. Ranging from video-recordings of shareholder meetings, reports meant only for investors, board members, directors, etc.  We have a very powerful search-tool, both with tags or with keywords. Our databases are encrypted by AES-256 so that your data is safe & secure. We also offer a docusign integration that enables your shareholders to view their signed documents from within the portal.

Governance Page
A newspaper with updates
Product Updates

Are you getting qeustions left, right and center you wish your investors could find somewhere else? You wish you have more time to create a bond with your investors in the right way other than answering pure informational questions? The InfoBots are trained and indexed on documents chosen by you. This way they can provide your investors with the right information anywhere, anytime. These InfoBots aren't included in the plans. Contact us for more information.

Want to have your investors on board the whole time without having to send 100's of emails? The Product Updates page is your investors exclusive window into the heartbeat of your organization's advancements. It is a newspaper-like feature where you can update your investors in real-time. They can check whenever they feel like it, no 'spammy' e-mails from your company which enhances your investors sentiment. Engage your experts directly with your investors through the Product Updates page. Let your investors give comments, ask questions and let them help shape your future.


Want to see these features and more in action?

Get a personalized walk-through and see how Investor Sphere solves multiple challenges. Having a demo with us is the easiest way to see our portal in action. Do you have any other question about the plans? Please feel free to contact us here.

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