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  • How secure is our companies data in your software?
    Very secure. The transmission of information between your device, our servers and the portal is protected using 256-bit TLS encryption. Furthermore, we encrypt data using AES-256. Your data is more than safe. Furthermore our servers are located in Germany with highest AWS-grade security.
  • Do you offer a mobile app?
    We offer a mobile app for our 'Corporate' and 'Enterprise' plans. You can view our full pricing plans and all of our features.
  • Do you offer a DocuSign integration?
    Yes! All of the documents signed from within the portal are legally binding and admissable in court.
  • Is there proxy voting available in your portal?
    Yes! Our portal allows for poxy voting for your shareholders. We offer per hand voting and weighed voting. You can view all other features here.
  • How does your portal streamline investor updates and other shareholder meetings?
    We have an embedded meeting section. This way your shareholders don't need no zoom links nor zoom passwords. Your shareholders just need to login into the portal and can follow the meeting, chat and simaltanously vote if needed. ALL in one portal.
  • In how many languages can we set our portal up?
    We have a different amount of languages available for our different plans. Please refer to our pricing page for more information.

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